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Boetech Automation BV is an all-round installation company and Boetech Meps International BV is an product manufacturer focused on dairy farming. The company was founded in 1997 and experienced the start of the development of the milking robot up close. We have the inside knowledge of the dairy industry in general, the milking robot in particular and everything associated with it.

Almost everyone at Boetech has an agricultural background and experience. We understand the farmer and this leads to practical products and solutions. Through this experience and also the experience in the many types of systems, we can call ourselves specialists in milking robot barns and dairy barns.

Through our customers abroad we stay informed about new developments in other countries and what solutions need to be implemented.

The milking robot makes free cow traffic inside the dairy barn possible. Boetech offers a complete line of gate systems that enables free cow traffic around the milking robot.

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Boetech Automation BV are a certified installer of the Lely Robotic Milking System in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. We also installed in the U.K. and Denmark on request. You can always contact us for an installation in your country. We carry out our activities in close cooperation with the Lely Centers.


In addition to create and developing new products, we consider it important to develop innovations in existing products. We have our own factory and skilled personnel. This section is called Boetech Meps International and is located in Almere. Within this section, problems experienced in practice are turned into useful solutions. Examples can be found in our product catalog.

We manufacture and supply buffer tanks with controls to prevent the robot from stopping during the cleaning of the milk tank. The robots remain fully operational whilst the main tank is emptied and cleaned, avoiding interruptions to the cows natural rhythm and giving the farmer the opportunity to have a visual final check of the main tank.

We also provide a precooler which, in addition to energy, improves the milk quality by rapid cooling and low inlet temperature in the milk tank. The Boetech tube cooler is integrated in the milk line which replaces a part of milk line. This ensures a higher cleaning end temperature.

Boetech cooperates closely with your local Lely Center. They are the local point of reference in the region and best qualified to judge the situation.

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