Develops the best barn equipment since 1997

“We believe a healthy, happy cow results in a satisfied farmer and a higher milk yield, with better milk quality!”

Boetech offers a large number of innovative stall design systems for areas in and around your stable. Below you can search for solutions to fit the best for you and your cows.

Dairy Technology

Everything between the milking robot and the milk tank: from piping, cooling to buffering, including its control.

Barn Equipment

Various fencing that allow separation, grazing and free cow traffic.


Products that maximize the use of your Robot and the comfort of your herd.

Our story

Boetech – inspired by the first prototype of the Lely Astronaut milking robot – was founded in 1997 and offers innovative, efficient and reliable high-quality products that add value to your automatic milking system. We work together with LELY committed (international) dairy farmers to produce sustainable and cost-effective products that meet our business goals. The success of the company is based on efficiency and customization.

Almost everyone who works at Boetech has an agricultural background and work experience. That’s why we understand the farmer very well, which leads to practical products and solutions.
From the start in 1997 till now, we did install all milk robots in the Netherlands. Because of this experience and the many types of systems, we can call ourselves specialists in robotic milking systems and equipment for dairy farming.

Sustainable solutions

If you link all stall processes like milking and feeding and install those special designed products for your barn, a sustainable solution will be created that enables you to work more efficient with less effort.

Quality and Hygiene

All of our products will be produced with the highest quality and accuracy. A very high welding quality is reached through TIG-welding, so we can deliver specific customization for our clients. It’s possible to cut stainless steel in detail with our CNC-water cutter and be placed with our CNC-press brake, so the right shape without sharp edges arises.

The best barn equipment systems




Boetech designs the best innovative barn equipment systems, which are tailored to the needs of the cow and dairy farmer. By making use of animal friendly solutions, wellbeing of cows will be growing and contribute to a optimal milk production with high quality.
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