Dairy Technology

Buffer tank

A buffer tank prevents milking robot downtime and minimises germ growth as much as possible. The buffer tank is placed between the milking robot and in proximity to the main tank.

As soon as the raw milk comes out of the milking robot, it is filtered in the clean milk tank environment before it goes into the buffer tank. When the milk is collected in the buffer tank, in the meantime, the main milk tank can be emptied, cleaned, and visually inspected. This keeps the milking robot fully operational.

In addition, buffer tank use makes the cooling process in the main tank far more efficient because the milk tank receives a higher quantity of milk in one go. With this fully automated system, milking can continue 24/7, the cows' natural rhythm is undisturbed, and the number of milkings per day is optimised. Boetech offers buffer tank systems in assorted sizes and models. They are designed and produced to meet specific requirements.