Barn equipment

Automatic gate

The automatic gate is a lift gate that moves up and down vertically. It has strong, tall support towers on each side of the gate opening. The pneumatic motor drives both sides simultaneously. This automatic gate’s design ensures a high level of comfort for your herd.

The automatic gate easily enables you to create a waiting area for low-ranking cows and animals that are unaccustomed to a milking robot. When the last cow of your separated group is milked, the gate lifts automatically to open the milk robot entrance for all the remaining cows. This ensures good cow flow.

Automatic gates are an easy, valuable solution and should be positioned so that there are no obstacles in the waiting area. Being able to move attention cows easily is key. When necessary, the gate can still be operated using a button on the gate itself. Automatic gate operation is integrated in A3, A4 and A5 milking robots via the X-link software.