Dairy Technology

Systems that guarantee high-quality milk transport 24/7.

Refrigeration is essential to maintaining milk quality. Cooling milk on a farm has two objectives, namely, to reduce/ stop bacteria growth, and to reuse the cooling water as cows’ drinking water by heating it. To ensure full 24/7 milk flow, we have developed and manufactured buffer systems and associated products, so that you can continue to milk while the main tank is being cleaned and emptied.

Milk quality

Under normal circumstances, milk in the udder is of excellent quality. There are virtually no bacteria present. However, during and after milking, deterioration of the milk is inevitable, and the risk of bacteria growth is considerable.

Poorly cleaned and improperly disinfected surfaces of milking equipment and milk cooling tanks are one of the most significant sources of milk contamination. These sources of contamination impact the milk’s germ count increase (the total number of bacteria per ml). In addition, the higher the milk temperature, the faster these bacteria multiply. Therefore, the quicker the milk is cooled, the better the quality of the milk is ensured.


This graphic depicts milk temperatures with the germ count and an overview of the types of bacteria, with the minimum and optimal temperatures at which these bacteria grow.