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Drinking water troug

The importance of water intake is often underestimated. A cow doesn’t drink water when it’s not fresh. That is why Boetech has developed a cow-friendly drinking water trough based on welfare and cow comfort. The drinking trough and legs set are made of stainless steel and are available in various sizes, suitable for floor and wall mounting.

Benefits Boetech drinking water trough



No sharp corners where a cow can get hurt.


Float valve in the middle

Research shows that cows like to drink water from the sides of the trough.


High-flow floater

Low resistance provides maximum water flow, up to 50 litres/ minute.


Easy to clean

No inaccessible areas where bacteria can grow undisturbed. Thanks to the large (DN50) ball valve, the trough is easy to empty.


Optimized drinking water surface

More drinking comfort for the cow because of the shape of the trough and the compact floater.


Easy to install

The drinking water trough is standard supplied for wall mounting only. Optionally, a set of legs can be ordered to mount the drinking water trough on the floor.


Combination with a pre-cooler

Possibility to discharge pre-cooled water directly into the drinking water trough.


Combination with a Lely Discovery barn cleaner

At an installation height of 80cm, the Lely Discovery barn cleaner fits underneath the drinking water trough.