Barn equipment

Split entry and separation gates

Boetech has a wide range of split entry and separation solutions. The split entry gate and separation gates offer you the ability to create a shared entrance to your milking robot(s). This enables animals to always have access to the robot from a waiting area or separation area. Given their robust construction, they are ideal for livestock.

The special shape of split entry and separation gates contributes to the cow-friendly design. There are no protruding parts that could injure a cow, and due to the recess in these gates, a cow cannot get their neck caught in a gate.

There are two types of gates: manual and controlled. Standard split entry gates are manual, the forced split entry and separation gates are pneumatically operated via the milking robot.

Standard split entry gates

The standard split entry gate must be pushed open by the animal itself, like for example a Texas gate. They should always be positioned so that cows from the barn can walk in freely.

Forced split entry gates

With a forced split entry gate, the cow doesn’t have to use their own strength to open the gate. As soon as a cow stands under the sensor, the gate opens automatically for free access to the milking robot from the separation area. Once the cow passes through, the gate auto closes again. The forced split entry gate ensures low-ranked or fresh cows can freely enter the robot without having to compete with dominant animals in the barn.

Separation gates

Various separation gates are available for the separation of cows at the milking robot exit. These gates can be connected to the milking robot, so that the correct gate opens once the cow is milked. To allow manual selection of a cow already in the robot a manual exit selector can be mounted near a separation gate.