Barn equipment

Texas gates

Texas gates are used to prevent animals from moving in the wrong direction. The pins in these gates are implemented so that returning movement is driven by gravity. This makes springs unnecessary.

Texas gates are mainly installed at the milking robot exit, or to close the separation passage. A Texas gate consists of a set of Texas doors that can be attached to posts, or mounted to a robust gate or wall, if needed.


Texas gate cross-traffic

The Texas gate for cross-traffic ensures that, when a cow passes through, a 90 cm opening on one or both sides closes. For example, this makes it possible to block access to the robot area when a cow passes through the cross-traffic gate. This gate is available as a post-mounted or wall-mounted model.


Texas cow-crossing turning bracket

The cow-crossing turning bracket can be used to close off intersecting routes of people (clean route) and dairy (dirty route). Due to the practical shape and adjustable length, the cow-crossing turning bracket can be set so a person can easily pass through, but a cow cannot. When a wider passage is required, the brackets can be turned easily. These brackets can be mounted on a wall, or on a 5cm / 2” or 6cm / 2.5” post.

Texas step by arc

Texas step by arc

The Texas step-through arch simply provides a passage in the barn or separation area, for example, when the route is blocked for the cows.